Italian Verbal Modes and Tenses

In the previous lessons we learned about the partitive article, as well as prepositions, passive form, impersonal forms, comparatives and superlatives, adverbs, pronouns, adjectives, nouns and articles. Now we move on to the Italian verbal modes and tenses. Verbs are words that convey actions and specifically give us information on what the subject does or is and what actions he/she/it accomplishes or undergoes.

Modi Verbali | (Verbal Modes)

When we look at verbs, it is important to understand the mode, a grammatical feature of verbs, which allows us to portray a very specific intention or attitude like stating a fact, expressing a desire, give an order and so on.

In Italian there are seven verbal modes:

Within each mode there can be one or more verbal tenses to express when the action has taken place (present, past, future, etc.).

The Italian verbal system, together with pronouns and prepositions, are probably one of the hardest things to learn for am Italian student. Verbs can often be irregular and the conjugation of each one can be a challenge. Do not stress, with time and bit of practice you will be able to learn and master them!

For more information on each verbal mode, follow the links above.

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