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Italian Online is a project created by a team of native Italians based all over the globe that love teaching the language just as much as they love their country. The website was born to offer an honest, innovative and professional alternative to the many language offerings out there that over-promise and don’t deliver. In fact, we don’t speak a dozen languages and don’t claim to have discovered the secret formula to learn Italian in just 30 seconds while you sleep – we just know Italian very well and want to help you with it.

"We try our best to bring fresh, interesting, and unique content to help you make your Italian learning journey as enjoyable as possible. We're confident about the quality of our products and we stand by them"
Founder - ItalianOnline.org


We don’t believe in focusing too much on grammar and rules. Instead, we want you to have fun and learn Italian without even realizing it. Master not only the language but also the culture.

We banned visitors without a sense of humor, touristy tips, and plastic on these premises. So if you’re reading this then you must be cool too! Make the best of the learning and travel tips we offer!

We give away laughter and most of our material for free. We aim to make all of our free material better than any other website’s paid stuff, and less boring too. Yeah, so you’re welcome!

Our Manifesto

Italian Online’s aim is to teach you Italian, but in taking advantage of the resources on our site and learning about Italy, I would also like you to discover the dreamlike qualities of my country: the cobbled squares, the narrow alleys, the stunning summer light, the winding lanes and the spring water.

I grew up among all of this. I’ve traveled the world and I am still traveling, but I’ve always lived here with my heart, in the beautiful country of Italy.

Part of my intention is to show you that Italy is not one gigantic Tuscany; it cannot be condensed into predictable packages, such as hills in the sunset, olive groves, lemon trees and wine. Many places in Italy have none of that. Some are flat, grow rice or corn, not olives or lemons. In such places you will also not bump into a tourist on every street corner.

Bologna, a city I love, for instance, offers the right mix of mild unpredictability and sensory reassurance. Every person that visits remains enchanted. You may think I’m being biased or even overly romantic, but I believe that a city like Bologna represents the stunning, authentic charm of Italy better than other world-famous cities. Rome, Venice, and Florence are unique and breathtaking, but can often be overwhelming. Bologna takes you by the hand and slowly teaches you what Italy is about: its old houses and waterways, the portici and light hearted conversations, and of course, the amazing food culture.

We understand the power of pausing and observing in my country. We don’t just stare at people, we actually see them. And because of this, visitors fall in love with Italy and Italian culture.

“Let yourself be enchanted by this wonderful language, this gorgeous country, and by this fascinating culture. Let yourself become Italian too. Enjoy.”

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