How Much Does a Wedding in Italy Cost?

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Is there a more romantic place to get married than Italy?!

Planning a wedding abroad can be intimidating for various reasons, especially when it comes to cost. You start searching for venues, you ask for a quotation, they send you a price back, now what? How do you know if it’s a good price? What about food, drinks, flowers, and a photographer? It can be difficult for any engaged couple, let alone when you want to get married in a foreign country.

We can’t promise a stress-free wedding. (What wedding is?) But knowing what to expect will help you prepare well to have a more budget-friendly, and certainly less stressful, experience. Here are a few points to consider when planning a wedding in Italy:

  • Plan ahead. Some venues get booked over 12 months in advance.
  • Timing. When setting a date and booking a venue consider all the requirements and timing in order to obtain all the necessary documents.
  • Guests. People traveling will need a little bit extra time to arrange their trip. It’s a good idea to give them at least 6 months notice.
Average costs of a wedding in Italy


$ 2500
per day


$ 100
per person


$ 1000
per day


$ 750
flowers included
Other costs to consider:
  • Music – a DJ will cost around $250, while live music will start at around $500.
  • Make-up/Hair – a good hair stylist will cost around $200, while make-up is around $100.
  • Offering – if getting married in church, normally you donate around $200.
  • Party Favors – not necessary, but they can run around $7-8/guest.
Depending on the amount of guests, the overall cost of a wedding in Italy (including invitations, dress/suit, wedding bands, wedding night and thank you cards) can vary between $10,000 – $35,000.
Using a Wedding Planner Service

If planning every single aspect of your wedding from abroad seems too daunting, you might want to consider relying on the expertise and assistance of a wedding planner. There are numerous wedding planners available that will take care of every single aspect of the wedding. Some sell complete packages based on the level of service you need and they will guide you through the entire process. Of course this comes at a premium, so if cost is not an issue, ditch the stress and consider using a wedding planner!

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