Dante’s Inferno


Level: Intermediate (B1/B2)

Dante has lost its way in a dark and unfamiliar place, riddled with perils and challenges. Will he be able to find his path and emerge from the darkest place on earth? Follow Dante in his amazing journey through the inferno with this one of a kind adaptation of his masterpiece, especially written for Italian language learners!

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Learning Italian Doesn’t Have To Be Boring!

Getting started learning Italian? You completed all the Duolingo levels and know a bunch of words but can’t seem to succeed with longer texts? Been there, done that! This book is designed to help you get to the next step and connect individual words to reading Italian stories – all while having fun!

Our books are created with our readers in mind and use simplified sentence structures as well as basic vocabulary you can build upon. This allows even beginners to fully engage with the story and immerse themselves in an authentic Italian language experience.

Every chapter contains an Italian-English dictionary with special emphasis on popular phrases and expressions designed to improve memorization.

The stories and crafted language structures enable readers to assimilate new material quickly and make the learning process seamless and fun!


What’s In The Book

  • A good balance of familiar and new vocabulary
  • Lots of phrases and expressions that Italians actually use
  • Italian-English dictionary of the most difficult words/expressions after every chapter
  • The right amount of support to be challenged but also to allow you to follow along
  • Fun quizzes after every chapter to test your comprehension (and solutions)
  • An engaging story that will be fun to discover in Italian


What’s NOT In The Book

  • No parallel translations, which may appear helpful but don’t actually teach you anything
  • Monotonous stories and boring characters created by academics
  • Distracting sentences in English that ruin the reading flow
  • Old Italian vocabulary and formal phrases nobody actually uses in Italy
  • Condescending storytelling that insults your intelligence
  • A teaching approach that is too formal and too serious

Buckle up! Learning Italian is about to get real fun!


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