Italian Holidays

As you might have anticipated, the vast majority of Italian holidays revolve around Catholicism. Unlike other countries that have bank holidays fall on Mondays or Fridays, Italy’s special days are related to the dates only and sometimes fall on Saturdays and Sundays to the despair of all Italians. Please keep in mind that during these dates Offices and Shops might be closed and Services disrupted. Below is the list of Italian National Holidays:

 National Holidays
  • January 1 – New Year’s Day
  • January 6 – Epiphany
  • Dates Vary – Easter Sunday
  • Dates Vary – Easter Monday
  • April 25 – Liberation Day
  • May 1 – Labor day
  • June 2 – Italian Republic Day
  • August 15 – Assumption of the Virgin Mary
  • November 1 – All Saints Day
  • December 8 – Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary
  • December 25 – Christmas
  • December 26 – Santo Stefano (Boxing Day)
Local Holidays

On top of the National Holidays, most cities also have Local Holidays. These dates are usually based on a Saint Protector of the city, who at some point in time has protected or saved the city miraculously and for that reason became the protector of the city. Please keep in mind that Offices and Shops might be closed and Services disrupted during the following Local Holidays:

  • April 25 – San Marco (Venezia)
  • June 24 – San Giovanni Battista (Firenze, Genova, Torino)
  • June 29 – San Pietro e Paolo (Roma)
  • July 15 – Santa Rosalia (Palermo)
  • September 19 – San Gennaro (Napoli)
  • October 4 – San Petrolio (Bologna)
  • October 30 – San Saturnino (Cagliari)
  • November 3 – San Giusto (Trieste)
  • December 6 – San Nicola (Bari)
  • December 7 – Sant’Ambrogio (Milano)
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